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          "Bringing you back to balance"
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                   Independence,Oh 44131

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Couples Massage by Appointment only.

Starts with a calming essential oil foot soak, followed by an hour relaxation massage along with 
complementary foot reflexology during the session plus hot towels to relax and soothe...

          $65.00 1hour 


​       $49.00

$65.00 1hour 

Wednesdays April  11, & 18, for a Free introduction to Essential oils /Beautifully Annointed
Time: 6:00
Date: 4/11/2018
Date: 4/18/2018
Location: 2 Summit Park dr, suite 125 R&R Time Education & Wellness Center

Ionic Foot Bath Detox 
​$30 minute session
​3 pack $90.00



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       Try our Valentine Couples Special...
Includes a 70 minute Ultimate relaxation Massage, Essential oil foot soak,
Hot towels, Complementary Champaigne and Organic chocolate, Plus a free sample vile of Pure Essential oil love potion! Price Only 170.00

  All designed for you and your special someone. 
Taking Appointments for Valentine Special now! 
Available dates:  February 6 through 17 th Evening and Weekend appointments available 
First come first serve.

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  1. Relaxation Massage
    Relaxation Massage
    1 Hour $65.00 BENEFITS OF RELAXATION MASSAGE A one-hour massage session can reduce stress by lowering the heart rate and reducing levels of insulin and cortisol. Massage also improves blood circulation, leading to lower blood pressure and improved body functions. ... Stress can cause muscle soreness, but massage relaxes the muscles and reduces pain.
  2. Reflexology Body Balance package
    Reflexology Body Balance package
    $65.00 WHAT IS REFLEXOLOGY? Reflexology is a science which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. BENEFITS INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO... The benefits of reflexology include its ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, induce a deep state of relaxation, eliminate toxins, stimulate the central nervous system, prevent migraines, and treat urinary tract conditions
  3. Ionic Detox foot bath
    Ionic Detox foot bath
    $38.00 BENEFITS OF IONIC FOOT BATH What are the benefits of detox foot baths? Purging of heavy metals. A more balanced pH level. Reducing inflammation. Purging of yeast. Detoxifying the liver. Internal cleansing with full-body purge. Liver, kidney, may assist with parasite cleanse supports the immune system.

Living Healthy in a Toxic World 

 Get informed on healthy water, air, sleep, find out whats going on with our foods, discover the benefits of herbs, essential oils, and protecting yourself from an overload of toxins and more. 

February 26, from 11:00-1:30  2 Summit park dr
Summit 3 Auditorium, Independence, Oh 44131

$20.00 per person Bring a friend and you both Pay only $10.00 each! 

Call, or Text 216-832-4710 to register